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The Bullet Train North

My first day on my own was a busy one. I woke up early to clean the apartment and pack for Beijing. Upon entering the kitchen at 5am, cockroaches skittered around in the ceiling and cabinets. They were big, fast, and juicy too. I sprayed Raid everywhere, but I’m sure there’s more. At least they aren’t any where else in the apartment. After that debacle, I left for the office (smelling of Raid).

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Yu quan lu 玉泉路

Busy days are the best: you get a lot done and time flies.

Today’s accomplishments include photos, bedding, unpacking, opening a new bank account, and obtaining a local number.

I finally ate baozi. Delicious. Better than I remember. My apartment is very nice. I have it all to myself for the moment, this little two-one.

The only problem so far is a sore throat.


Winding Staircase

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Waiting @ Airports

I’ve been going non stop since 10am Wednesday, September 10th. There may have been an hour of sleep somewhere in the wee hours of Thursday morning, but that’s an overestimate. I stayed up for hours talking with Alex before he drove me to the airport and kissed me goodbye. I think I miss him, my cat, and Dad the most.
June 30th. I’m in China until June.
The flight from Detroit to Beijing was…

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